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Strategic Partnerships


Few things in marketing are as rewarding as building successful Strategic Partnerships. We've been very fortunate to be a part of building some great ones. There's a tremendous learning curve when it comes to developing a partnership platform -- whether it's a community program or a promotion -- that is focused enough to be effective, but flexible enough to accommodate individual goals. Win-win programs don't just happen. They are developed by understanding the nuances of the brands involved and the communities you hope to engage.

Community Health Transformation Partnerships

One of the areas in which we’ve engineered successful partnerships is community health. Our model is based on the concept of integration and recognizes that there are four sectors that contribute value towards the strategic goal or desired outcome: Public, Private, Non Profit and Local Stakeholders. Each have different levels of time, talent and support to contribute. The key to success is cooperation, which runs counter to the “silo” mentality many organizations possess. But strong leadership and strategic thinking can move even the most entrenched control-minded organization or leader to become a cooperative partner.

One such program is the Senior Nutrition and Physical Activity Program in Waycross Georgia. With support from the Department of Public Health, contributions from local businesses, and resources from the local YMCA, we were able to create a “mobile YMCA” experience that brings much needed programming to 4 underserved counties in Georgia. These counties are barely able to staff the senior centers, so the physical trainers, yoga instructors and master gardeners bring much needed skills and expertise. Under guidance from the CDC’s physical activity branch, we developed joint use agreements that provide the seniors with access to resources such as therapeutic pools and raised, organic gardens.

A similar Community Health Transformation Partnership is in the works for the city of Newnan, Georgia. With support from the newly formed Georgia Center for Healthier Communities, this partnership will have a wider scope that encompasses populations from underserved kids to seniors. We will work with guidance from the CDC to collect data and analyze outcomes, with the hope that successes can be repeated in communities across the state.

Promotional Partnerships

The Pets RXercise Program is an excellent example of a successful strategic marketing partnership. Wellcom brought Purina, Pfizer, Georgia Veterinary Medical Association and Georgia State Parks together in a two-tiered program to address canine obesity, a life-threatening health risk that is second only to human obesity in the US. The program was launched at the GVMA Fall Conference, ensuring maximum exposure among the medical community. Branded assets provide each medical practice with the latest research on canine obesity, along with easy access to information on nutritional and medical treatment plans. The resources and tools are accredited as ongoing education, which is required of the medical professionals. In this regard, partners Purina and Pfizer were able to participate in a timely topic, in a very meaningful way. Not only does the program allow vets to raise the topic of weight management with confidence, it passes along an incentive to the consumer: practitioners can write prescriptions for dog walking, which can be redeemed for free admission to an any Georgia State Park, a $5 value. So the program not only encourages increased exercise, it will introduce hundreds of families to Georgia's beautiful, dog-friendly State Parks.

When Wellcom brought the leader in outdoor cooking, Big Green Egg, together with nation's largest producer of natural chicken, Springer Mountain Farms, the relationship defined win-win. Both premium brands are favorites with culinary enthusiasts. Both manage passionate customer networks through social media and mobile platforms. And both brands promote healthy cooking/eating as a core benefit of the product. The partnership started with support for community-level programs focused on food education and nutrition. It was easy to see how Atlanta's top chefs were inspired by the prospects of working with Spring Mountain Farms chicken in their recipes, which were cooked on a big Green Egg. Leveraging this enthusiasm and the potential to create engaging content, we facilitated the "Chicken and the Egg Contest," in which consumers submitted recipes to win a chance to appear on TV with a celebrity chef and win a Big Green Egg. Not only does the promotion succeed in lifting every success metric, from sales to online engagement, but also the local NBC station actually saw viewership increase during the morning segments on grilling!

The North Face Endurance Challenge (TNFEC) and Georgia State Parks (both Wellcom clients) is another example of a win-win partnership. FD Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia offers one of the prettiest Fall views, and one of the most grueling single-track trail systems (large enough to host a 50 mile race!) By partnering with Georgia State Parks, TNFEC was able to tap into a well-established online network of outdoor enthusiasts to introduce its premier trail running event to the Southeast. The event, which draws both hardcore athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, reinforced the core strengths of both brands. The arrival of North Face Global athletes, like celebrity "Ultra Man” Dean Karnazes ensured national media coverage. After the race, The North Face extended its support to Georgia State Parks’ First Time Camper Program, which also counts REI as a partner. Together, the brands are able to provide hands-on product demonstrations along with the equipment and know-how needed to keep the price down for a family wishing to explore the outdoor lifestyle. Through the partnership, hundreds of Georgia families have discovered a love for camping, along with an affinity for the partners' brands.