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Content Development

As the internet continues to provide learning opportunities for marketers, the nuances of the channel continue to reveal themselves. Unlike traditional media, a strategy of pushing content with an overt sales pitch isn't likely to get you very far. Successful content engages consumers because it's accessible, highly relevant and totally authentic. Access isn't a given, and may require the content to be distributed across more than one platform. Relevant means there is perceived value in consuming the content, whether it's timely information, educational or just entertaining. And authentic requires that you are open and honest about who is sponsoring the content and what the motives are. It also helps if the production values are appropriate and meet expectations. A user generated video doesn't have to look like professional production. Nor should content sponsored by a premium brand look like it was produced by two high schoolers in a basement, unless it's done intentionally!

At Wellcom, we try not to approach content development with a predisposed format in mind. Part of the creative process is determining how the message or information is best served by a format, whether it's a page of copy, a video, a program of web-isodes or a full-length documentary. In many cases, the strategy calls for distribution across several channels, such is the case with the programming we promote for NBC Digital. It's also the strategy we are pursuing for Farm Fresh, a show we developed for public television that combines the adventure of travel with the colorful experience of visiting a unique farmers market. The show is set to debut, on air and online in the Spring of 2013. To see the promotional "sizzle reel" click here.

One of the unique dynamics of the online space is the ability to link to other resources. This allows you to avoid "recreating the wheel" by creating new content when it already exists. Instead of "recreating" all of the valuable information that Purina and Pfizer provide on the topics of obesity, we let the Pets RXercise Program content focus on dialogue between the vet and the pet owner, with links to all the research and recommended treatment plans.

Video does create a richer experience (than copy/visual) for the user, and may even help overcome barriers to trial. This is particularly true in the case of demonstration videos. We learned, through researching Georgia State Golf Courses, that many golf enthusiasts are unmoved by the beautiful photography that abounds online and in the vertical golf books. It seems that in the age of photo shop, every golf course can make itself look like Pebble Beach! We decided to create a video resource of Georgia State Golf Courses that could be referenced by folks looking challenging and inspiring places to play. is excellent example of letting the content dictate the format. Instead of creating a commercial to promote Decatur's exploding culinary scene, we decided that restaurant goers would appreciate a quick tour and conversation with the owner or chef. Each tour was designed as a stand alone video, allowing the individual restaurants to post it on their website, distribute to their database and push it out via social media. Collectively, the videos form an interactive library on the city's tourism website as well as living on a program website, which is highly optimized for online searches.